Update on works to reduce pollution into the Royal Canal Harbour, Kilcock

Clane Area Committe Meeting

13 May 2014

Councillor Pádraig McEvoy


Can the council update the committee on work to overcome the pollution risk to the harbour area of the Royal Canal, Kilcock? 


Over the course of the past couple of months, a number of attempts have been made to survey the drainage system in the Harbour area of Kilcock, particularly on the downstream side of the Canal. This exercise is necessary in order to determine the route(s) and capacity of the pipelines in this area.  To date, we have not been successful in surveying these pipelines which are infiltrated with surface water which hinders CCTV surveys. Further investigations are planned in the coming weeks and following these a final recommendation will be made as to how best to overcome this particular problem. Kildare County Council has been in direct communication with the users of the Harbour area of Kilcock regarding progress on this issue and they are aware of the difficulties and complexities involved.