Requested update on the installation of traffic lights on the R403 at Brooklands, Clane

Clane Area Committe Meeting

13 May 2014

Councillor Pádraig McEvoy


That the council provide a report on outstanding works to complete the installation of traffic lights on the R403 Celbridge Road at Brooklands, Clane and indicate if an interim pedestrian crossing can be provided for people using the nearby bus stops.


The junction was previously inspected and the following issues were noted;

  • Signals would not appear to be installed to Kildare County Council’s specification i.e. Kildare County Council requires sites to run on ELV (Extra Low Voltage);
  • There is one pedestrian signal pole missing;
  • A minimum of one pole is damaged;
  • The poles were not installed with the correct pole sleeves;
  • A number of poles are not aligned correctly and appear to be leaning;
  • A number of poles appear to be too close to the kerb and seem to be poorly positioned;
  • The visibility of some of the signal heads is impaired by trees/vegetation;
  • A number of the duct runs between chambers have only one duct per run – Kildare County Council requires a minimum of two;
  • Some duct covers are poorly located within the tactile area;
  • Some duct chambers appear to be flooded;
  • All tactile paving is incorrect (in colour layout and alignment);
  • Dropped kerbs are not to Kildare County Council specification and are poorly constructed;
  • Lining and road studs are incorrect;
  • Road reinstatement where road crossings were constructed is poor;
  • There is no approach signage for the signals on the main road or side roads;
  • Cycle paths/crossings are not to Kildare County Council specification;
  • The overall general road layout/design at the junction would not appear to be acceptable and
  • No road safety audits were carried out on the junction.

Please note that the above issues were noted during a visual inspection only. Prior to the lights/junction being taken in charge all lights, push button units, signals controller etc. will have to be electrically tested and all necessary road safety audits undertaken.

The traffic management section has no current budget allocation for the provision of new/interim traffic signals.



Brooklands Traffic Lights

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