Budget to Take-In-Charge Liffey Park at Alexandra Estates, Clane

Clane Area Committee Meeting

8 April 2014

Councillor Pádraig McEvoy 


That the council indicate if they will manage the grass cutting of the linear parkland developed alongside the Liffey near the Alexandra estate in Clane following the taking in charge process. The area is much larger than the 10% open space allocation that residents associations normally maintain as part of residential developments.


There is no provision in the Clane Area Budget for grass cutting on any public open space. Accordingly, it will not be possible to manage the grass cutting of the linear parkland developed alongside the Liffey near the Alexandra Estate in Clane.


That issue would be referred to the Parks Department

Update 13th May 2014

The Parks Department will investigate assisting the residents with the grass cutting. An assessment of the cost of grass cutting and existing commitments will have to be factored in to the level of support that can be provided.

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